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It’s your home. You deserve to live there in peace.

Being heard and respected starts here.

Has a conflict with a neighbor made it impossible to simply enjoy your home? Is it time to set the record straight and get a plan of recourse? Our expert mediators make sure your voice is heard and empower you with a legally binding plan to defuse your current conflict and protect you moving forward.

Key Benefits

  • Get the facts confirmed in writing
  • Take back the reins—and direct an outcome that works for YOU
  • Avoid more costly alternatives such as the courts, attorneys or staying in the current conflict
  • Free yourself of the current stress
  • Affordable, sliding-scale fees and flexible time commitment

Contact Us

Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center
P.O. Box 1594 | 601 Cascade Ave.
Hood River, OR 97031

Toll Free Phone Number: (888) 628-4101
Local Phone Number: (541) 386-1283