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Family Issues Including Divorce

Empowerment to move forward safely starts here.

Has your pending divorce, separation or family conflict left you feeling overwhelmed and concerned about the future? Our compassionate team of expert mediators create a safe, effective, and affordable alternative to the courts—making sure your voice is heard and helping you, step-by-step, to create a fair, legally binding parenting or dissolution plan that leaves you feeling empowered and prepared.

Key Benefits

  • Avoid more costly alternatives such as the courts, attorneys or staying in the current conflict
  • Expert guidance to get a solution that protects you and your kids
  • Affordable, sliding-scale fees and flexible time commitment

Contact Us

Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center
P.O. Box 1594 | 601 Cascade Ave.
Hood River, OR 97031

Toll Free Phone Number: (888) 628-4101
Local Phone Number: (541) 386-1283