Basic Mediation Training

At Six Rivers, the professional mediator certification requires participants to complete our Master Mediator Program; starting with Articulate Solutions, a 40 hour basic mediation training course.  The course is offered every spring through Six Rivers in beautiful Hood River, Oregon.  Articulate Solutions is designed to meet the standards for foundational mediation training set by both Oregon Statutes ORS Chapter 36 and Washington statures RCW 7.75.

The curriculum is organized around student learning objective designed by Resolution Washington Education Standards Committee.  Upon completion of Articulate Solutions 40 hour mediation training, participants are eligible to enter into a practicum through Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Centers Services.

Practicum & Special Mediation Training

Practicum members attend continuing education seminars, practice sessions and workshops, and apprentice with a mediator mentor to attain mastery of the mediation process.  Members also work in cooperation with the Practicum Supervisor to complete a customized professional development plan.

Upon successful completion of both the Articulate Solutions 40 hour mediator training and Master Mediator practicum, members are eligible to apply for certification.

For additional information on mediator certification systems and regulatory entities, contact the following:
Resolution Washington
Washington Mediation Association

40-Hour Basic Mediation Training

Spring 2020 Course Dates: Due to restrictions on gathering in-person, the format for the course has been updated. More information is available below.

This 40-hour training is designed to teach participants the skills necessary to act as mediators in the facilitative model of mediation. Conflict is normal and inevitable – whether in the home, school, community, workplace, or place of worship. Leaders in all walks of life have a responsibility to help others work through their conflicts.

The community-based Basic Mediation Training offered by Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center is an opportunity to develop conflict resolution skills and contribute to nonviolent, non-adversarial dispute resolution in our community. With additional training, optional mediator certification is available through the DRC.

Discounted tuition is offered for those willing to commit to completing our one-year practicum program and serving as a volunteer mediator for an additional year. Additional scholarship money may be available for those with limited income. Scholarship applications will be required.

Tuition is $805. Discounted tuition for the 2-year volunteer mediator commitment is $395.

Register online here or contact us for additional options.

Updated training format: The first 16 hours of content will be delivered via online self-guided learning modules. This content includes conflict theory and mediation tools. Friday April 3, 10, and 17th we will also host a Zoom call to introduce ourselves and the group, answer questions, and provide brief, focused webinars. We hope that by May 1st, in person meetings can resume. We will focus the three May training dates on practice and role plays (May 1st, 8th, and 15th). This model is used by several other DRCs in Oregon, and we are partnering with them to provide the same high quality training as always.

3-Day Basic Conflict Coaching 

3-Day Basic Conflict Coaching with author Tricia Jones will be held in Beaverton, Oregon.

We have rescheduled the 3-day training to June 18-20, 2020. If public health circumstances require us to change these dates or location, we will notify those currently registered by May 1, 2020.

If you are unable to attend the training on June 18-20, we can offer those already registered a full refund. We ask that all attendees either re-confirm attendance or withdraw their registration by May 7 to make room for our waiting list.  

Conflict Coaching is a one-on-one service aimed at assisting clients in identifying their goals, resources, and ideal strategy regarding a conflict and then practicing the specific skills necessary to enact that strategy. The service can be offered tangentially to mediation or as a stand alone service. We are excited to bring Tricia, a nationally renowned speaker and lecturer, to the area for this training!