Conflict resolution assistance is just a phone call away

1. Give us a call!
Start by calling us for a free, confidential consultation to explore your options and see if mediation is a good fit for your situation. A case developer will spend time learning a bit about what is going on for you. During this phone call, the case developer will help you identify what is most important to you, clarify your interests, and prepare for a facilitated dialogue with the other side. We can be reached by calling toll free (888) 628-4101 on weekdays. You’re welcome to leave a confidential voicemail anytime and we will return your call when we are available.

2. Developing a Strategy and contacting the other party
We have strategies that can assist you long before we reach out to the other party, and sometimes this kind of coaching enables a party to resolve the situation on their own. We will work with you on a thoughtful strategy for contacting the other party. We can explain the mediation process to the other party, find out what’s important to them, and invite them to mediate.

3. Scheduling the Mediation
Once all parties have agreed to mediation, your case developer will schedule mediators and coordinate a time that works well for all parties involved to sit down and have a productive conversation.

DIY Resources

Many conflicts can be resolved on our own, especially with the right tools and an openness to experimenting. Below are some resources we offer to people willing to try something new:

  • Compassionate Listening, by Hoffman, Monroe, and Green – A comprehensive guide to transformative listening skills which includes practice activities and theory.
  • Bioenergetics Exercises – This activity is designed for a group leader, but you can do it yourself too. These exercises help release tension.
  • The Big Book of Conflict Resolution Games – This guide explains dozens for fun activities to get groups playing with listening, communication, and problem solving.
  • Feelings List – Vocabulary to help you express your emotions.